customer relationship executive


  • PSF with the customer by service advisor on the very next day of the vehicle delivery and customer care executive on 3rd day from the date of billed. ( note: vehicles which are on hold due to one or the other reasons at workshop wherein bill was taken, those cases should be pre-informed to customer care executive before 3rd calls generated )
  • PSF data should be downloaded from NDMS and data should be feed in to Master sheet for further tracking.
  • During 3rd day PSF, if customer gives rating less than 8 on a scale of 1~10, shall be considered as dissatisfied customers.
  • Maximum lead time to close the complaint is 72hrs. if the customer care executive & CRM found difficulty in closing the complaint, same should be escalated to SM on the 4th day and on the very next day (5th day) it should be escalated to GM and 7th day to VP/SVP/COO.
  • Random audit of satisfied customer and dissatisfied to satisfied customers should be done by CRM daily and Branch Head by every week and Division Head by 15days once.
  • Customer meet should be organized every month at workshop by customer care team. During the meeting explanation / presentation along with demonstration on the vehicle shall be carried out as per the following.
  • Customers who have not visited in last one year should be verified with Master sheet on status of customer and data should be shared to Service Marketing team.


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