All You Need to Know About i20 Car Dimensions Feet: A Complete Guide

i20 Car Dimensions Feet

When considering a new car, understanding its dimensions is crucial. The Hyundai i20, known for its stylish design and advanced features, offers a balanced blend of compact size and spacious interior. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the i20 car dimensions feet, ensuring you have all the information needed to assess its suitability for your needs.

Hyundai i20: An Overview

The Hyundai i20 is a popular hatchback that combines modern aesthetics with practicality. Known for its sleek design, efficient performance, and advanced technology, the i20 is a favorite among urban drivers and small families. Understanding its dimensions can help you appreciate its design and functionality better.

Exterior Dimensions: A Compact Yet Spacious Design

The Hyundai i20's exterior dimensions contribute to its easy maneuverability and stylish presence on the road. Here's a detailed look at its key exterior measurements:

  • Length: The i20 measures approximately 3,995 mm in length, providing a compact footprint ideal for city driving and parking.
  • Width: With a width of about 1,775 mm, the i20 offers a stable and comfortable stance on the road, enhancing both driving dynamics and interior space.
  • Height: Standing at around 1,505 mm, the i20 strikes a balance between a low profile and sufficient headroom.
  • Wheelbase: The wheelbase measures 2,580 mm, which translates to ample legroom for passengers and improved ride stability.

Interior Dimensions: Comfort and Space for All

The interior dimensions of the Hyundai i20 are designed to maximize comfort and usability, ensuring a pleasant experience for both drivers and passengers. Let's explore the key interior measurements:

  • Front Legroom: The i20 offers generous front legroom of approximately 1,070 mm, providing ample space for the driver and front passenger to stretch out.
  • Rear Legroom: Rear passengers can enjoy comfortable legroom of about 850 mm, making long journeys more pleasant.
  • Headroom: The i20 ensures sufficient headroom for all occupants, with front headroom of around 1,005 mm and rear headroom of about 950 mm.
  • Shoulder Room: With a shoulder room of approximately 1,390 mm in the front and 1,380 mm in the rear, the i20 accommodates passengers comfortably, avoiding a cramped feel.

Cargo Space: Practicality for Everyday Use

Cargo space is a vital consideration for any vehicle, and the Hyundai i20 offers practical solutions for everyday needs. Here are the details on its cargo capacity:

  • Boot Space: The i20 provides a generous boot space of about 311 liters, which can accommodate luggage, groceries, and other essentials.
  • Expandable Cargo Space: The rear seats can be folded down to expand the cargo capacity to approximately 1,042 liters, offering flexibility for transporting larger items.

Ground Clearance: Navigating Different Terrains

Ground clearance is important for ensuring smooth navigation over various terrains. The Hyundai i20 features a ground clearance of about 170 mm, which strikes a balance between urban usability and light off-road capability.

Turning Radius: Easy Maneuverability

A tight turning radius enhances a vehicle's maneuverability in tight spaces. The Hyundai i20 boasts a turning radius of approximately 5.2 meters, making it easy to navigate through narrow streets and parking lots.

Weight and Payload Capacity: Balanced Performance

The weight and payload capacity of the Hyundai i20 contribute to its performance and efficiency. Here are the key details:

  • Kerb Weight: The i20 has a kerb weight ranging from 960 kg to 1,090 kg, depending on the variant and additional features.
  • Payload Capacity: The payload capacity of the i20 is designed to accommodate passengers and cargo without compromising performance.

Aerodynamics: Enhancing Efficiency and Performance

Aerodynamic design plays a crucial role in a vehicle's efficiency and stability. The Hyundai i20's sleek profile and carefully crafted lines reduce air resistance, enhancing fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Safety Features and Dimensions

The dimensions of the Hyundai i20 also contribute to its safety features. A well-balanced width and height, along with a sturdy build, ensure stability and protection for all occupants. The vehicle's structure is designed to absorb impact energy effectively, providing enhanced safety during collisions.

Comparing i20 Dimensions with Competitors

Understanding how the Hyundai i20 measures up against its competitors can help you make an informed decision. When compared to other hatchbacks in its segment, the i20 offers competitive dimensions that balance compactness with interior space.


The Hyundai i20's dimensions make it a versatile and practical choice for a wide range of drivers. Whether you're navigating city streets, embarking on long journeys, or simply enjoying a comfortable ride, the i20's well-thought-out dimensions ensure a balanced and enjoyable driving experience. Visit your nearest Hyundai dealership to explore the i20 and see how it fits into your lifestyle.


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