Unlocking the Dimensions: Exploring the Creta's Size in Feet

Creta Dimensions in Feet

The Hyundai Creta is a popular compact SUV known for its stylish design, spacious interior, and impressive features. Understanding the dimensions of the Hyundai Creta in feet is essential for potential buyers to assess its suitability for their needs, whether it's for parking, garage fit, or overall road presence. This guide provides detailed information on the length, width, height, and other key measurements of the Hyundai Creta.

Key Dimensions of the Hyundai Creta

The dimensions of a vehicle are crucial for understanding its size, interior space, and overall practicality. Here, we break down the main dimensions of the Hyundai Creta in feet.


The length of a vehicle impacts its parking space requirements and road presence.

  • Length of Hyundai Creta: Approximately 14.64 feet (4.46 meters)


Width is an essential dimension for understanding the interior space and stability of the vehicle.

  • Width of Hyundai Creta: Approximately 5.87 feet (1.79 meters) without mirrors


Height affects the car's headroom and overall appearance.

  • Height of Hyundai Creta: Approximately 5.38 feet (1.64 meters)


The wheelbase, the distance between the front and rear axles, influences ride quality and stability.

  • Wheelbase of Hyundai Creta: Approximately 8.72 feet (2.66 meters)

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is vital for handling rough terrains and avoiding damage to the undercarriage.

  • Ground Clearance of Hyundai Creta: Approximately 0.66 feet (7.87 inches or 200 mm)

Parking and Maneuverability

With a length of around 14.64 feet, the Hyundai Creta fits well in most standard parking spaces, although it might require careful maneuvering in very tight spots. Its width of 5.87 feet ensures enough space for comfortable seating inside without making the vehicle too wide for urban streets and parking slots.

Interior Space

The generous wheelbase of 8.72 feet provides a spacious interior, offering ample legroom for both front and rear passengers. This makes the Creta a comfortable option for long drives and family outings.

Urban and Suburban Use

The height of 5.38 feet ensures that the Creta has a commanding presence on the road without being excessively tall, which could affect aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. The ground clearance of 0.66 feet (approximately 200 mm) is ideal for handling speed bumps, potholes, and minor off-road conditions, making it versatile for both urban and suburban environments.

Comparison with Competitors

To provide context, let's compare the Hyundai Creta's dimensions with some of its competitors:

  • Kia Seltos: Length - 14.68 feet, Width - 5.87 feet, Height - 5.36 feet, Wheelbase - 8.68 feet
  • Nissan Kicks: Length - 14.57 feet, Width - 5.87 feet, Height - 5.35 feet, Wheelbase - 8.66 feet
  • MG Hector: Length - 15.22 feet, Width - 6.07 feet, Height - 5.56 feet, Wheelbase - 8.72 feet

The Hyundai Creta holds its own in this segment, offering competitive dimensions that balance interior space and exterior manageability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the length of the Hyundai Creta in feet? The length of the Hyundai Creta is approximately 14.64 feet (4.46 meters).

How wide is the Hyundai Creta? The Hyundai Creta has a width of approximately 5.87 feet (1.79 meters) without mirrors.

What is the height of the Hyundai Creta in feet? The height of the Hyundai Creta is approximately 5.38 feet (1.64 meters).

How much ground clearance does the Hyundai Creta have? The ground clearance of the Hyundai Creta is approximately 0.66 feet (7.87 inches or 200 mm).

Is the Hyundai Creta spacious inside? Yes, the Hyundai Creta offers a spacious interior with a wheelbase of approximately 8.72 feet (2.66 meters), providing ample legroom for passengers.

How does the Hyundai Creta compare to its competitors in terms of dimensions? The Hyundai Creta has competitive dimensions compared to similar SUVs like the Kia Seltos and Nissan Kicks, balancing interior space with exterior manageability.


The Hyundai Creta's dimensions in feet highlight its practical design, offering a spacious interior while maintaining a manageable size for urban and suburban driving. With a length of approximately 14.64 feet, a width of 5.87 feet, and a height of 5.38 feet, the Creta provides ample room for passengers and cargo. Its ground clearance of 0.66 feet makes it versatile for various driving conditions. Understanding these dimensions helps potential buyers make an informed decision, ensuring the vehicle meets their needs and preferences.


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